Lamar Odom Is The Fifth-Worst Player In The NBA Right Now

lamar odom giving an interview

Photo: YouTube

After 10 games it looks like Lamar Odom is struggling just as mightily as he did in Dallas last year.In 12 minutes a night, he’s averaging 1.6 points and 2.6 rebounds. Earlier this season, he admitted that he didn’t come into camp in shape, and it shows.

Here’s what Bill Simmons, who owns Clippers season tickets, had to say the other night, “Can we find a Chinese League team for Lamar Odom already? Embarrassing to watch. Lethargic and overweight. Should not be playing in the NBA.”


According to John Hollinger’s PER stat, Odom is the 312th most efficient player in the league out of 316 eligible players. So he’s fifth-worst:

lamar odom 2012 per chart

Photo: ESPN

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