The Lakers Get Ripped For Being Slow And Boring After Flopping Against The Mavericks On Opening Night

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The Lakers lost the season opener to the Mavericks last night 99-91, proving the conventional wisdom that it takes time for stars to mesh, no matter how good they are.But some people are already ripping them.

The main criticism is that they’re running the Princeton offence — a halfcourt-based system that slows down the game — when they should be pushing the ball.

Here’s what Charles Barkley said on Inside the NBA:

“Man let me tell you something, I’ve said this before, I want my accountant from Princeton, I don’t want my damn offence from Princeton. Listen man, walking the ball up an down the court, scoring 91 points, taking the ball out of Steve Nash’s hands — the best thing Steve Nash does it push the ball.

And Dwight Howard, as you see, it really hurts him, because if he has to set up, they’re going to foul him. He’s the most athletic big-man in the league … but you don’t want Dwight Howard in a halfcourt set. Mike Brown has got to nix that Princeton thing and let Steve Nash push the ball.”

Inside the NBA co-host Kenny Smith joined him:

“They had 77 attempts tonight, Dallas had 85. If you have four players who you feel are better than everyone else, you want to get more attempts. … That style of play will keep every team in the game with you. It’ll come down to Kobe, Steve Nash, and Gasol will make big shots in certain games that they will squeeze out. But they should beat certain teams by 19-20 points that they will never beat by 19-20 points. They will always be in close games when they are shooting the basketball with 8 seconds left on the shot clock instead of 12 to 14. They should be shooting the basketball with 12 to 14 seconds on every shot clock. Princeton, again, never won an NCAA title.”

Beyond TNT, some NBA writers chimed in with similar, albeit less fiery, tweets this morning:

ESPN’s John Hollinger (typos his, “Mime Brown” should be “Mike Brown” and “you” should be “to”):

Grantland’s Zach Lowe:

And here’s that Inside the NBA segment:

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