Mind-Blowing Stats That Show How Awful The Lakers Were Last Night

kobe bryant lakers death stare

Photo: YouTube

The Lakers lost to the Pacers 79-77 in one of the more inept shooting displays you’ll ever see last night.Lakers players not named Kobe Bryant or Dwight Howard made five baskets on 13% shooting, the team missed 22 three-pointers, and the bench had five total points.

Here’s the shooting breakdown:

  • Kobe Bryant: 12-28 (32%)
  • Dwight Howard: 7-10 (70%)
  • Rest of team: 5-38 (13%)

Or, to simplify things further:

  • Kobe/Dwight: 19-38 (50%)
  • Rest of team: 5-38 (13%)

After the game coach Mike D’Antoni said it “defied statistical logic” that the Lakers were so close to winning despite shooting so terribly.

More sad tidbits:

  • The Lakers bench scored five points on 2-15 (13%) shooting
  • The Lakers missed 20 free throws (23-43)
  • Kobe had a dubious triple-double — 40 points, 10 rebounds, 10 turnovers
  • The Lakers missed 22 three pointers (6-28)
  • Kobe had more points (40) than the rest of his team combined (37)

Here’s the shot chart from the first half that ESPN Stats & Info tweeted out. Welp:

lakers shot chart first half

Photo: ESPN Stats & Info

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