SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Kobe Bryant Is Playing Like He’s 27 Years Old Again

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This season was supposed to have a negative impact on older players as the NBA tries to fit a shortened season into an even shorter calendar. But so far, Kobe Bryant is bucking the trend and putting his Lakers team on his back.

It has been just 11 games, but so far Kobe’s scoring (29.5 ppg) is up more than four points per game, and is at his highest level in five years. And it is not just his scoring. His assists per game (5.8) are up from his career average (4.7) as are his rebounds per game (5.7 vs 5.3).

The biggest reason for his scoring outburst at age 33 is the number of shots Bryant is taking (see below). Can Kobe keep up the hectic pace? If the Lakers want to make it back to the Finals, he may have to…


Kobe Bryant

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