Lakers Turmoil Continues As Andrew Bynum Does Nothing But Laugh After Getting Benched

Andrew Bynum benched

Photo: YouTube

The Los Angeles Lakers have another locker room mess on their hands after Andrew Bynum threw up an ill-advised three-pointer early in the shot clock during a 104-101 win against the Golden State Warriors Tuesday.The terrible shot clanked off the side of the rim, leading Lakers head coach Mike Brown to immediately yank Bynum off the floor and make him sit on the bench for the remainder of the third quarter.

Brown said Bynum’s terrible shot attempt could’ve messed with the team’s rhythm.

Keep in mind, this new wrinkle to the “Mike Brown and his players don’t get along” storyline comes just a few days after all the hoopla surrounding Kobe Bryant’s late game benching.

Bynum, a 7-foot centre who has no business shooting long range jumpers, simply laughed the whole thing off as if it didn’t matter once he got to the bench. He didn’t get very much playing time in the fourth quarter, either, but his “I don’t care” attitude and facial expressions continued. Bynum also refused to join team huddles during timeouts the rest of the way.

Post game, Bynum was just as defiant saying, “I took one, Ima’ take some more.”

Proving once again that Kobe Bryant has zero trust in his coach, he told reporters after the game that the whole situation was “not a big deal.”

The Lakers have won seven of their last 10 games to move into the Western Conference’s third seed. In other words, winning cures all, but all signs point to a tough stretch of games making the entire saga blow up.

It’s clear by now, if it wasn’t before, that there are two warring factions in LA: Mike Brown and the management who backs him up vs. the players hitching their wagon to Kobe’s way of doing things.

Watch Bynum get benched and not care about it at all.

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