Laker Championship Rings Contain A Lot Of Diamonds, A Bit Of Leather, And No Subtlety

LA Lakers Championship Ring

Photo: Jason of Beverley Hills
Here’s a closer look at the world championship hardware given to the Los Angeles Lakers this week.

Every title winner wants to outdo the one before, and since the Lakers have 16 championships under their belt, it takes some serious flash make a statement.

The rings contain 16 “oversize” diamonds to commemorate each title, a bunch of (apparently) undersized ones for balance, a chronicle of the team’s championship run engraved on the side, and each player’s piece is customised with a three-dimensional sculpture of their own face.

That way, if they lose it, the person who finds the ring will able be to positively identify its rightful owner.

Oh, and in one final touch, each ring is adorned with a small piece of leather, cut from the ball used in the Game 7 victory over the Celtics in last year’s Finals.

Here is a video of the rings–declared “unwearable” by coach Phil Jackson–being assembled by noted bling master Jason of Beverly Hills.

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