A Laid-Off Zynga Employee Trashed The Company On Reddit Last Night


Social game developer Zynga laid-off 520 employees on Monday. Yesterday, we got an inside look at what happened at the company’s New York office at the time of the lay-offs. 

Last night, an employee laid-off from the San Francisco office decided to go on Reddit to give a tell-all about what it was like to work at the company. 

Here ‘s some of the dirt he had:

  • The company offers employees “unlimited vacation days,” but these vacations were entirely at the discretion of team managers. On some teams, this meant almost never actually getting time off.
  • When asked whether he believed the company has a good business model, he responded, “oh hell no.” He noted that while the company did well while Facebook gamers were on the rise, it failed to adapt its strategies for the rise of gaming on smartphones.
  • Rather than encourage creativity, Zynga would force all developers to implement aspects of other games that were reaching the top charts in the App Store at any given time. 
  • Executives at the company had clauses in their contracts that let them sell their stocks as the company hit its peak on the market. By the time average employee could sell his stock options, the market had realised how poorly the company was actually doing and the stock had tanked.
  • All employees had their cell phones provided by their Zynga. They were taken away upon notification of the lay-offs.

It wasn’t all bad though:

  • While he couldn’t speak for all employees who were let go, he said that he was given a separation package of four months salary, plus an additional week’s pay for each partial year.
  • To keep morale high, the company provided a slew of perks and encourage volunteering and going green to instill the idea that they are a socially-conscious company.
  • Before the massive lay-off this week, the company would try to keep as many team members on staff as possible, even when there weren’t enough projects to spread around.

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