Laid-Off, But Not Laying Down: Part One



Unless you’ve gone through them, layoffs are just numbers.

You’ll read “500 laid-off in a 10% reduction in order to save $3 million over Q1 and Q2 in fiscal 2009.” But you won’t read any names.

Well, here are some names.

– Steven Rosenberg
– Heather Fink
– John Hutchinson
– Philip Smith
– Joe Waltman
– David Schlesinger

Laid off tech workers, all. In this series — “Laid Off, But Not Laying Down” — we’ll follow their stories as they work to get back to work.

For part one, we’ve asked each of our job hunters to describe their old jobs and their expertise, as well as list their old salaries and current housing expenses. We also asked how they’re planning on finding a new job and how their lives have changed since losing their old ones.

We start with former content manager at Thumbplay, Heather Fink. CLICK TO START>