Lady Mary Fairfax's PA will receive her salary for the rest of her life, according to the late philanthropist's will

Lady Mary Fairfax in her Sydney home, Fairwater, in 2003. Photo: Patrick Riviere/Getty Images.

  • The details of late Lady Mary Fairfax’s will have been published for the first time since her death last September.
  • Margin Call reports that among the provisions, Lady Fairfax’s personal assistant, who is also the executor of the will, is a major beneficiary.
  • PA Lee Thomas will not only be able to continue to live in the $100 million-plus Sydney Harbour home, Fairwater, she also will receive her indexed salary for the rest of her life.

The personal assistant of the late Lady Mary Fairfax is a major beneficiary of the late philanthropist’s will.

The details of the provisions, published by The Australian’s Margin Call, reveal Lee Thomas, 67, who is also an executor of the estate, will receive her indexed salary for the rest of her life.

Along with that, all live-in staff members employed by Lady Mary at the time of her death — which includes Thomas — can “continue to live-in at Fairwater”.

The home is a $100 million-plus Sydney Harbour property in the city’s eastern suburbs and one of the most prestigious properties in Australia.

According to Margin Call, there are no details of how the 8,000 square metre Point Piper residence is to be bequeathed, although the trustees will have the “power of sale” of all assets in Lady Fairfax’s Trust.

Thomas, and the three other executors — who are now the individual trustees — will be handed the property.

The three other executors, selected by Lady Fairfax, include long-term adviser and confidante Bruce Solomon, former top tier lawyer and barrister Jim Momsen, and former KPMG partner Peter Done.

Meanwhile, the Fairfax fortune has been left entirely to her four children.

Lady Mary died aged 95 last September.

She was the third wife of late Sir Warwick Oswald Fairfax, scion of the media company founded by his grandfather John, in 1841 (now Fairfax Media). You can read more on her life here.

Read the full report by The Australian’s Margin Call here >>

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