Lady Gaga Will Now Break Tumblr

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga joined Tumblr Monday night (without telling anyone) and she already has a huge number of notes on her seven posts.So far, the service – which reached 400M pageviews per day (that’s almost 5,000 per second) – is holding up fine… although loading her page takes times. (Patience, monsters!)

And no, we don’t expect the star’s Amen Fashion to stress the servers.

(New controversy: Did Gag’s steal the name from someone?)

But this is another step in the blogging platform’s rapid and impressive growth.

While we don’t want to call it a tipping point, having the world’s biggest star as part of their ranks is a monumental occasion for David Karp and the gang.

The only real question: Will she continue to post?

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