Lady Gaga Tells Fans 'Pop Singers Don't Eat'—Here's Today's Buzz

  • Getty Images / Frederick M. BrownJennifer LopezJennifer Lopez stormed the stage to save American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez from elimination last night.
  • Executive producer of “The Blair Witch Project,” Kevin P. Foxe, filed for bankruptcy. According to TMZ, Foxe has $132,000 in debt and $900 to his name. (FYI, the film made $248 million worldwide.)
  • “Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth already has his sights on his next film, landing the lead in thriller, “Paranoia” with Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford as potential co-stars.
  • Despite media rumours, Morgan Freeman says he is not, nor has he ever been in a relationship with his granddaughter. Come now, people. 
  • NBC pulls part of a gay joke featuring John Stamos from an ad for last night’s episode of “The Office.” The previous spot was airing for the majority of the past week. 
  • Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas now says he has a tape proving Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism. This comes after the actor called Eszterhas’ anti-Semitic claims false.
  • Fans are gearing up for Coachella—the three-day music festival—this morning in California. For the first time since its launch, the event will take place for two consecutive weekends.
  • Guess she couldn’t stay out of the public eye for long. Lady Gaga tweeted that pop singers don’t eat, starting a firestorm of backlash at the singer. Twitter / @LadyGaga
  • Get ready for Julian Assange, the mastermind behind WikiLeaks, to come to television … in Russia at least for now. And, yes, it will be leaked online.
  • You better beliebe it. Justin Bieber collaborated with Taylor Swift for a song on his third album.  
  • Longtime executive, Steve Molen, resigned from DreamWorks over money issues with the company suggesting layoffs may be on the horizon.
  • And, Obama still believes Kanye West is a jerk, a talented one, but a jerk nonetheless.

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