Lady Gaga Sued Over Japan Relief Bracelets

lady gaga tokyoLady Gaga at a concert in Tokyo

Photo: churchtokyo on Flickr

A law firm in Michigan is suing Lady Gaga for scamming her fans and pocketing some of the proceeds from the  “We Pray For Japan” bracelets that she has been selling to her fans. According to her website, all of the proceeds from the bracelets were for charity. 

Those that are suing her say that Lady Gaga inflated the shipping charges for the bracelets as well as keeping some of the $5 dollars that she charged for the bracelets. 

How 1-800-LAW-FIRM’s clients know this is unclear, and they even admit that they have no idea how much money is being used fraudulently.  Whether this is true or not, selling those bracelets has helped Lady Gaga already donate $3 million to help the victims of the March 11 earthquake, according to Kyodo News.

When the federal class-action suit was filed against her on Saturday, the singer was about to headline at a benefit concert in Tokyo for tsunami victims.

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