Lady Gaga shared a song preview from 'A Star Is Born,' her movie with Bradley Cooper that's already getting Oscar buzz

Warner Bros.
  • Lady Gaga released a preview of a song from the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed movie, “A Star is Born.”
  • The song is called “Is That Alright?”
  • The full soundtrack for the movie, which is entirely original songs performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, doesn’t come out until the movie does on October 5.

The hype for “A Star Is Born,” Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut that stars himself and Lady Gaga in her first major role in a motion picture, is building and building.

On Monday night, Lady Gaga, who is a favourite to win an Oscar for best actress for her role in the film, shared a one-minute clip of a song called “Is That Alright?” The song is set to clips seen in the “A Star is Born” trailer.

“Is That Alright?” is a little more subtle than “The Shallow,” the powerful song prominently featured in the trailer that inspired many memes for Lady Gaga’s wail.

“A Star is Born,” which will likely dominate the 2019 Oscars and is an absolute must-see, comes to theatres October 5. The soundtrack comes out on the same day.

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