Ever Seen Lady Gaga’s Mother? Because We’re Pretty Sure She’s Not What You’re Expecting (VIDEO)

lady gaga

Lady Gaga appeared on “The View” today wearing shoes with roughly 18-inch tall platforms — but the glimpse we got of her mum made for the real wow-factor moment.

Cynthia Germanotta — mother to Mother Monster — either raided Barbara Walters‘ wardrobe just before showtime or actually owns prim, tasteful Talbots-type outfits.

She’s also blonde, has perfect posture, and seems very reserved.

Reserved enough to keep a straight, pleasant face while her daughter makes the wince-worthy childbirth joke in this clip.

(Also, pay attention to the guy sitting next to Mrs. Germanotta. You just know when he got to his seat, he looked her up and down and decided she had no idea who Gaga was.)

Video below.