Lady Gaga opened the Met Gala by changing out of a giant pink dress down to a bra and tights, wearing a total of 4 outfits on the red carpet

  • Lady Gaga showed up to the Met Gala wearing a giant hot pink dress.
  • She then unveiled three more outfits underneath.
  • The looks included a large black dress, a tight hot pink number, and a sparkly black bra and tights.
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Lady Gaga rocked an unprecedented four looks on the 2019 Met Gala red carpet on Monday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Gaga, who is a co-chair for the event, dressed for the theme of “Camp: Notes on Fashion” by not only wearing multiple looks, but by making her entrance a theatrical one. She choreographed her outfit changes with attendants holding umbrellas and even added props along the way.

Gaga arrived in a gigantic fuchsia dress that was so huge it required the assistance of several butlers just to walk down the carpet. Gaga fans might recognise a similar bright pink gown by Maison Schiaparelli from when she wore it during her “Lady Gaga: Jazz and Piano” performances at her Vegas residency early this year, but all her Met Gala fashions were made by designer Brandon Maxwell. Several House of Schiaparelli designs are currently available to view at the Costume Institute’s “Camp: Notes on Fashion” spring 2019 exhibition at the Met.

The first was a giant hot pink number

The second was a smaller, but still over-the-top black dress

Then, while still on the carpet and with Maxwell’s assistance, Gaga removed her over-the-top pink dress to reveal another gown, this time a black strapless evening gown, with a geometric hoop skirt, that she paired with a black umbrella.

The third was a tight, hot-pink number, complete with a block phone

After that, she stripped off the black dress to reveal a very ’90s-inspired hot pink spaghetti strap dress. For this outfit, she posed with oversized sunglasses, lipstick, and a gigantic throwback-era cell phone.

Finally, she unveiled what’s believed to be her final look, a sparkly black bra and tights

Then, Gaga changed into her final outfit, consisting on a black bustier, fishnet tights, and boots. She crawled up the infamous Met Gala stairs and vamped for the cameras and finally, rolled out a pink wagon filled with bottles of rose.

Fans, of course, lost it over her four outfit changes

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