We Didn’t Think It Was Possible But Rolling Stone’s Latest Lady Gaga Cover Is… Boring


Maybe the editors of Rolling Stone are running out of ideas?

Lady Gaga is on the cover of the newest issue — her third appearance in two years — but it is a surprisingly dull picture.

The fame monster looks into the distance with impressively done-up hair (although it’s not wild by her standards), sporting a black bra.

The cover is even more bland when you considered the title story is called “Monster Goddess, A Wild Week With Lady Gaga.”

In the past, Jann Wenner‘s famous pub has gone, um, gaga for Gaga. She posed nearly naked covered in bubbles for the Hot List and, well, nearly naked with guns pointing out from her chest for the Summer Double Issue. (See the images below)

It is not like the normally outrageous Gaga is getting any more chaste.

Case in point: She has three heads on V Magazine‘s recent “Asian Issue” cover.

It will be interesting to see how the ploy works on the newsstands.

Gaga’s gun cover sold 250,000 issues, more than three times the average and well more than any other 2010 issue. We cannot imagine the latest one will do as well, but we will see. Wenner has been right before.