Lady Gaga Arrived At Her Album Release Party In A Half-Dress, Half-Drone That Literally Flies

Lady Gaga is known to make an entrance (remember this egg?), but the singer topped even her most ridiculous stunts Sunday night at Brooklyn Navy Yard when she arrived for her ARTPOP album release party in a flying, battery-powered dress named “Volantis.”

Gaga told the crowd at the party: “I wanted to make today about something even more important to me, and that something is the youth of the world… Their minds are just so boundless. They’re just so inspiring.”

And though she says Volantis is just “a vehicle,” Gaga added the dress is “essentially a metaphor for me. I will be a vehicle today for their voices.”

As for how the dress works, Gaga didn’t fly it herself, but a technician controlled the unit via radio signals to make it rise nearly 70 inches above the stage.

The transport prototype “has six booms arranged in a hex formation with two electric motors at the end of each boom that provide power to custom carbon fibre propeller blades,” notes The Verge, adding that it “looks like a giant AR.Drone helping to lift her above the stage.”

Watch the dress in action below:

Getting buckled in:

Ready for lift-off:

Here we go!

Made it safely back to the ground:

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