Lady Gaga Reportedly Dropped $23 Million On This Insane Malibu Mansion With A Secret 'Batcave'

Lady Gaga has reportedly dropped $US23 million on a Malibu, California, mansion with a Batcave (yep, you read that right), according to Curbed.

The Batcave, which is accessible by a secret door, contains a wine cellar, home theatre, and bowling alley.

The home was sold by Dan Romanelli, the founder of the consumer-products division at Warner Bros., who listed it for $US24.95 million in May 2014.

Romanelli built the superhero-inspired home in 2006. “Batman was something that really helped build my division,” Romanelli, who worked on toys linked to the series, told The Wall Street Journal when the home went on sale.

The nearly 10,270-square-foot mansion also has five bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, an elevator, gym, and pool.

Here's what you see when you drive up to Lady Gaga's new digs.

If you head around back, the view gets even more impressive.

Let's jump right to the underground 'Batcave.' It contains arcade games and a collection of vintage toys.

It also has two bowling lanes that were actually taken from a bowling alley. They even have the original scoreboard.

There's also a screening room.

And a wine cellar. Hey, Batman has rough days, too.

The entire 'Batcave' is accessible via an underground passageway.

But that's not the only fun thing about this house. It has a beautiful saltwater pool and hot tub.

And views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains.

Popular Zuma Beach sits right across the street.

There's a bocce court.

And a horse stable.

There's a paddock too, of course.

Let's go inside. Once you enter the home, there is the open dining room and living room.

Here is a better view of the dining area. We're going to call the decor Southwestern-chic.

Notice the wood-paneled ceilings and wrought iron chandelier in the living room.

The kitchen also has plenty of space for seating, with a six-person table and stools at the counter.

Upstairs, you'll find the ethereal master suite with a canopied bed.

The French doors lead to an outside balcony with pretty impressive views.

And the bathroom has glass-paneled doors to the toilet and shower.

This looks like a guest bedroom downstairs.

This bedroom has a private patio.

The home office has doors leading to another balcony.

Here's the gym, in case Gaga gets sick of running on her 6 acres.

There are plenty of places from which to enjoy a Malibu sunset.

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