Ladies, Here Are The Only Shoes You Need In Your Wardrobe According To A Shoe Fashionista

Jodie Fox, co-founder of Shoes of Prey.

A good shoe can make an outfit. But what if I told you that you only need five shoes in your wardrobe to suit your ever shoe need?

Well, Jodie Fox, co-founder of Shoes of Prey – the design-a-shoe startup taking on the world one pair of shoes at a time, says while she loves shoes more so than the average woman, sometimes the shiny, sparkly, sky-high heels can get you distracted.

“So”, she says, “it’s time to ensure your shoedrobe foundation is set right.”

Here are Jodie Fox’s – the shoe guru – five favourites for her feet.

1. The coloured ballet flats.

2. The classic black heels (the LBD for your feet).

3. The nude pumps.

4. The cork wedges.

5. The black ankle boots.

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