Running Back Who Transferred From Oregon Says The Ducks Are About To Go Through Big Problems

Oregon Ducks Football Championship


Lache Seastrunk says “something was about to go down” at Oregon before he transferred to Baylor last week.Here’s what he said on 1660 ESPN Central Texas today:

“When I first went there [UO], I felt like God wanted me to be there,” Seastrunk said. “But God also pulls you out of the storm before it happens. So I felt like something was about to go down and God wanted me to get out of there.”

Not a good sign for the Ducks.

Oregon attracted the gaze of the NCAA earlier this summer when reports surfaced that the school paid a scout $25,000 for a flimsy recruiting pamphlet.

The scout was a mentor to Seastrunk in high school, and it’s believed that the school paid him to steer Seanstrunk toward Oregon.

NBC Sports speculated that Seastrunk might have a deal with the NCAA wherein he gets immunity for revealing details about the Oregon scandal — something that isn’t that uncommon in the sport.

If that’s the case, his “something going down” comment may actually be backed up with some inside info.