NEW POLITICAL POLL: There is finally some good news for Labour supporters

  • Ipsos MORI phone poll: Conservative 36 / Labour 35
  • It makes better reading for Labour compared to recent polls — but the bigger picture is still grim

It has been a torrid few weeks for the Labour Party. A new ICM poll published on Tuesday indicated that the opposition party was 8-points behind the Conservatives as civil war threatens to split it down the middle.

But today, there is some slightly better news for Jeremy Corbyn’s party. The latest Ipsos MORI poll says that Labour is just one point behind. It is still not ideal — but it is definitely an improvement.

You can see what this new result means for Business Insider’s poll tracker below. As the annotation indicates, Labour has significantly reduced the losing margin after weeks of being far behind.

Of course, at this point in the electoral cycle, history tells us that the opposition party should really be polling better. By this point in Ed Miliband’s leadership, Labour was being given leads of up to 6-points by various pollsters and he went on to lose the 2015 general election.

However, given that Labour is in the midst of an existential crisis with another leadership contest on the horizon, the result of this survey will probably come as a pleasant surprise.

The survey collected responses from 1,021 adults on July 9-11.

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