Canada's jobs report crushes expectations

The Labour Force Survey, Canada’s jobs report, for the month of March beat expectations for the eight straight month.

The economy added 19,400 jobs for the month, higher than economists’ expectations of 5,700 jobs added. The unemployment rate ticked up to 6.7%, in line with expectations.

Almost all of the jobs added in March were full-time, with full-time employment rising by 18,400 and part-time employment increasing by 1,000.

Additionally, the participation rate ticked up to 65.9%.

StatsCan said that most of employment gains came for men age 25 to 54.

“Employment rose by 35,000 among men aged 25 to 54 in March, all in full-time work,” said the release from StatsCan. “Employment for this group has been on an upward trend, with gains totaling 101,000 (+1.6%) since August. This follows virtually no growth in 2015 and the first half of 2016.”

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