A Labour politician defected to the Conservatives, then returned to Labour 24 hours later

A Labour councillor defected to the Conservative party, only to defect back to Labour the following day.

Matthew Courtliff, who represents a ward in the south-west town of Wiltshire, made the decision to defect on Tuesday evening, according to the Swindon Advertiser.

He released a statement citing concerns over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, adding that he “looks forward” to working under prime minister Theresa May.

He said that “the direction of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has been out of touch with the needs of the country,” and added that he admired the Conservative party’s vision for Swindon.

On Wednesday, Courtliff performed a U-turn. He declared that he had made “a terrible mistake” and said the day had been “the most stupid 24 hours of my life.”

In a statement he added: “It has been an incredibly difficult two days, and having spent some time with Conservative councillors and MPs yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that I made a mistake in thinking that joining the Conservative Party was right for me or my constituents.”

“My home is in the Labour Party and I owe a huge apology to my council colleagues, fellow party members and my constituents who have watched this unfold.

“My priority now is to re-join my colleagues, work hard for my constituents in Lydiard and Freshbrook and to put this all behind me.”

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