Here's your chance to own one of the world's rarest Lamborghinis for less than the price of a Sydney one-bedder

Gosford Classic Cars

This rare 1985 Lamborghini 5000 QV Countach is the most expensive collector’s car in the upcoming Gosford Classic Cars auction on May 26 in Sydney.

It has a price estimate of $600,000.

The 2-door 5-speed manual coupe is one of less than 100 built as a right-hand drive among the 610 cars produced over the Countach’s 25-year history. (Incidentally, the first production Countach went to an Australian in 1974).

The design introduced Lamborghini’s famed “scissor” doors and this car still has the original factory spare tyre.

Gosford Classic Cars

The Countach’s dramatic wedge shape, first unveiled in 1971, was the beginning of a new design language for the Italian supercar manufacturer, especially after 1966’s curvy Miura.

Its acceleration to 100km in just 4.9 seconds thanks to a 5.1 litre quad-valve V12 was unheard of 33 years ago.

The biggest change in the 5000 was the engine, with four valves per cycle, hence quattrovalvole (QV) in Italian, while fuel injection ultimately replaced carburetors in later engines (which solved the problem of no rear visibility because of the hump in the engine from the carburetors being on top).

Gosford Classic Cars

The Countach wasn’t named after a breed of bull. The word roughly means “wow” – a surprise – in northern Italian dialect and the mythology around the name is that the legendary car designer Nuccio Bertone exclaimed the word when he saw the prototype.

Gosford Classic Cars

If you remember the scene in “The Wolf of Wall Street” where drug-fueled Jordan (Leonardo Dicaprio), trashes a white Lamborghini, that was an actual 1989 Countach (production ended in 1990, replaced by the Diablo), and it was heavily damaged during shooting.

Gosford Classic Cars

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