LABOR SENATOR: If We Lose Tonight The National Secretary Must Go

Kevin Rudd and George WrightKevin Rudd with George Wright / Getty

The polls aren’t even closed yet and it looks like it could be an ugly night ahead for Labor.

Senior Labor figures including Stephen Smith and Bob Hawke are conceding the party doesn’t appear in a position to the win.

Labor Northern Territory Senator Trish Crossin has posted on Facebook that the party secretary George Wright should quit, and that he was the “worst national Sectretary we have had”.

Crossin was a Kevin Rudd loyalist but was dumped from the Labor Senate ticket by Julia Gillard in a so-called “captain’s pick” which involved her being replaced on the ballot by Nova Peris.

There have been persistent reports through the campaign of tensions between the Melbourne campaign headquarters, run by Wright, and the “travelling party” with Rudd led by Bruce Hawker, the PM’s chief political strategist.

Bumpy few hours ahead.

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