Labor Figures Are Openly Wondering If Dumping Julia Gillard Was A Mistake

Julia GillardGetty / Stefan Postles

There have been warnings that things could get messy for the Labor party as the election approaches and the party’s support continues to sputter in the polls.

At the weekend Samantha Maiden wrote in News Ltd papers about what might happen if Kevin Rudd delivers a primary vote close to the levels Julia Gillard was getting in the polls when she was ousted. One insider said there would be “blood on the walls”.

Well it looks like the knives are out. Steven Scott reports for the Courier Mail that Labor ministers are openly questioning the decision to switch back to Rudd and asking if Gillard would have done a better job:

The minister said Ms Gillard would have slowly improved Labor’s vote, while under Mr Rudd it soared and then plummeted.

“One of the questions that will be asked is would Gillard have met Rudd on the way down? In the end, we’ll never know,” the source said.

A second minister said some Labor MPs who advocated Mr Rudd’s return should be wondering whether they made the right call.

There are also more complaints about chaos and disorganisation on the campaign trail. More here.

Days out from polling and the party is starting to look divided again. Some of this may be jostling for position as it looks like Rudd will in all likelihood lose, and probably vacate the leadership.

The intensity of the campaign is about to ramp up as it approaches the finishing line. If this anti-Rudd briefing continues we could be in for a chaotic final week.

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