Fight The iPad! Amazon Is On A Kindle Hiring Binge

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Amazon is not taking Apple’s entry into the world of e-readers lying down. In fact, it is staffing up to take on the iPad.

Nick Bilton at the New York Times notes Lab126, the Amazon subsidiary behind the Kindle, has dozens of job openings.

Specifically, we count 81 job openings at the Cupertino, Calif.-based company. Considering LinkedIn counts 156 employees at Lab126, that’s a serious hiring binge. (Plus, hey, Apple staffers — you already know the commute!)

What are these people going to be doing? The majority of the openings are for engineers. But we also found some quirky job openings to design soft goods and Kindle packaging. 

The bottom line: If you’re looking for a new job and you want to work on beating the iPad, Amazon has a lot of opportunities.

Here's a juicy one -- Software Development Engineer, Browser. You'll be in charge of making the Kindle browser better, we assume.

You could make the next Kindle out of something other than white plastic and aluminium if you become an Advanced Materials Specialist

Here's a weird one -- soft goods designer. You could be in charge of making the next generation Kindle case.

Here's a cool one: Director, User Experience. You'll have a real challenge, but it would be rewarding to make the interface better on the Kindle.

You could help get the New York Times looking better if you become Software Development Manager, Periodical Applications

Amazon needs a Buyer/Planner. How do you like dealing with Asian equipment makers?

An opening for Software Quality Assurance hints that Amazon is putting the finishing touches on something new, says Nick Bilton at the NYT.

Amazon wants an experienced leader to make its production better, so its hiring a Design For Six Sigma Manager.

It's not all engineering jobs. Lab126 is also looking for Recruiters, which makes sense when you look at all these jobs openings.

Lab126 has been looking for an Interaction Designer since September 2009. This is the oldest listing on the site. Could it be your job?

Here's another cool job, if only because it's so rare -- Product Design Packaging Engineer sounds like the person in charge of designing the box for the Kindle.

Here's the most recent hires at Lab126 according to LinkedIn. Hit these people up for advice on getting hired.

Of course, it's not JUST the iPad Amazon is trying to beat...

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