Take A Tour Of This $64,500-A-Month Tokyo Apartment

At $64,500 a month ; this rental apartment in Tokyo is supposedly one of the most luxurious and spacious in Tokyo. It is surprising to most in the western world who are habituated to far grander standards of living , but the truth is that Japan has capsule hotels for a reason. Space is at a premium in this nation of 127 million especially Tokyo which is the largest metropolitan area in the world.

The $64,500 rental (penthouse) may be paltry when compared to the $135,000 rental at the Waldorf in NYC (or a far cry from the 5 most expensive residential rentals of the world) but it sure is much better then a capsule hotel.

As compared to the fibreglass block that measures roughly 2 m by 1 m by 1.25 m and has room to sleep and sometimes a television with Internet access , the apartment offered at La Tour Daikanyama are palatial in comparison.

We reproduce here the press release of the company – La Tour Daikanyama combines state-of-the-art architectural excellence with sophisticated Japanese elegance. The full range of modern amenities, including English-speaking concierge staff, a gym, gardens and well-appointed grounds, common rooms for parties and play areas for children, make this a perfect place to relax after your busy day, as well as provide a base as you work, play and head out to explore Japan. The facilities have been designed to be luxurious, safe and comfortable, and perfect for families with children. A residence and lifestyle you can be proud of.

Just minutes from downtown Tokyo, La Tour Daikanyama is nestled amid the fashionable and vibrant Daikanyama neighbourhood, renowned for its leafy, winding streets, cafes, fine restaurants, boutiques and parks.

Interested? Check out the availability at Sumitomo Realty.

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