This RV built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is so big it fits a queen bed — see inside

La StradaThe interior of La Strada’s Nova: EB.
  • German RV maker La Strada has released its new flagship Nova EB: a tiny home on wheels built on the Mercedes-BenzSprinter.
  • There’s also a complete bathroom and kitchen inside of the tiny home on wheels.
  • The van is currently being sold in Germany and starts at €100,930, about $US110,520.87.

La Strada has released its new flagship Nova EB: a tiny home on wheels built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

The iconic Sprinter is a popular choice for van conversions. And at 6.99 meters, about 22.9 feet, long, the compact luxury Nova EB van is the biggest van Germany-based La Strada has built. The 163-horsepower tiny home on wheels is powered by its 120-kilowatt engine and includes capabilities that improve its drive, such as crosswind assist, which Daimler claims steadies the van during strong crosswinds.

Nova EB – optimised to transport two people – also has a monocoque structure that’s made of fibre-fortified plastic, allowing it to be insulated with leak protection, according to its maker. It starts at €100,930, about $US110,520.87, and the price goes up accordingly with different packages and interior options. It’s currently being sold in Germany.

Keep scrolling to see the sleek tiny home on wheels:

The van’s designers wanted “clear lines” on the exterior.

They also didn’t want the exterior to include any distracting “locks, traps, handles, or hinges”, according to its maker.

Instead, there are “internal” hinges and locks that are push-to-open in order to streamline its appearance.

There are exterior doors that hold the compartment for gas and a cassette toilet which can be unlocked via buttons in the garage and entrance area.

Cassette toilets are toilets with black tanks that are portable.

The garage doors can be locked with a remote control in the keys.

There is also a socket for external power in the garage and an exterior awning that can be extended.

The ventilation grills for the refrigerator on the exterior are painted the same colour as the vehicle to give it a more cohesive appearance.

The size of the entrance door has been increased.

The darkened windows are flush-mounted, which is designed to save space, according to Terra Universal.

Source: Terra Universal

Many interior elements of the van are made of opal glass.

There’s also indirect lighting inside the van for a “cosy ambiance.”

There are two single beds. This layout is a first in Nova’s range of vans.

The beds are 200 and 189 centimeters long, about 6.6 and 6.2 feet, and 80 centimeters wide, about 2.6 feet. The mattresses are cold foam, which stores heat, according to Emma Mattress.

Source: Emma Mattress

The two mattresses can also be combined into one larger bed.

There are storage units at the foot of the bed that doubles as a closet.

The garage is under the bed and can store large items like bicycles.

The kitchen also has two gas stovetops, a sink, and an extendable working space.

There’s also a cutlery drawer, storage racks, and cupboards that can store utensils.

There’s also an 80-litre, about 21-gallon, refrigerator.

The bathroom has a toilet, more storage units, and a shower.

Its sink can be pulled down.

The four-wheel-drive vehicle comes with 127 different upholstery options and can be full leather or part leather, part fabric.

There are four seats, including an area for a child’s seat.

The interior lounging area has an L-shaped couch.

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