The LA Sheriff Is Finally Taking Back All The Bogus Badges It Gave To Politicians

Los Angeles Sheriff's BadgesAn unidentified woman wearing a badge.

Photo: U.S. attorney’s office (via LA Times)

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is issuing a recall.The LA sheriff’s department is asking local politicians to return roughly 200 badges, which the city said it handed out to officials so they could pass through sheriff’s command posts during emergencies, the LA Times reported Tuesday.

However, critics have complained the badges can be abused because they closely resemble real sheriff’s badges.

The recall comes after U.S. prosecutors released a photo (shown to the right)  of woman in a Cudahy, Calif. nightclub sporting a city councilman’s badge and waving two guns.

However, sheriff’s department spokesman Steve Whitmore told the Times the recall had nothing to do with the photo.

Rather, the department was simply responding to a 2007 warning from the California attorney general that handing out official-looking badges could encourage civilians to pose as law enforcement, Whitmore said.

But, when the Times asked why it took so long for the department to issue a recall, Whitmore simply replied, “That’s a good question.

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