18 pictures that prove LA has the best food truck scene in the US

In 2008, chef Roy Choi co-launched Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles, California, a food truck serving up Korean BBQ with a Mexican flair.

Choi jump-started the food truck “new wave” in LA, inspiring others to create the flavorful, eclectic street food that is now found in trucks throughout the city.

To give you an idea of just how tasty LA’s food truck dishes are, we collected some drool-worthy photos.

From waffles fries smothered in guacamole and ranch to crepes dripping with Nutella and ice cream, here are some dishes you won’t want to miss.

Yes, you can actually get wood-oven fired pizza from a food truck. That's Urban Oven's specialty: serving Napoli-style pizza that's been cooked in a custom-built mobile wood-fired food truck.

The Lobos Truck refers to its food as 'American comfort with a twist.' A perfect example are the food truck's mouthwatering wachos -- a hybrid dish that features waffle fries with nacho toppings.

If Coolhaus doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth, nothing will. The truck serves all kinds of delectable ice cream flavours sandwiched in between freshly baked cookies.

The owner of India Jones Chow Truck -- Sumant Pardal -- has 38 years of cooking under his belt and comes from a family of restaurateurs in India. Pardal serves up authentic Indian food such as curry, samosa, and roti.

The Grilled Cheese Truck serves creative and delicious variations on a childhood favourite: grilled cheese. There's a mac and cheese grilled cheese, a French onion soup grilled cheese, and even dessert sandwiches, like the s'more melt.

Best known for their sushi burrito, Jogasaki also serves tempura rolls, tuna nachos, and salmon ceviche tacos. The burritos are wrapped in soy paper and feature some combination of fish, veggies, and rice.

Waffles de Liege's specialty is Liege waffles -- the lesser known of the two types of Belgian waffles. Liege waffles (as opposed to Brussels waffles) are made from a richer dough and have a warm, gooey center; add some Nutella and these become irresistible.

Started by an event planner and ex-New Yorker restaurateur in search of the perfect cheeseburger, Baby's Badass Burgers serves both classic burgers and more innovative ones, like the Hot Mama with cream cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers.

Green Truck prides itself on the fact that it uses only certified organic ingredients, and tries to buy locally grown ingredients whenever possible. The menu has a little something for everyone: salads, burgers, and even a paleo bowl.

You won't find a plain hot dog on Dogtown Dog's Menu. Offering only innovative dogs and crisp tater tots, the food truck tops dogs with everything from a fried egg and bacon to chilli and Fritos.

The Lobsta Truck gives Angelinos a chance to enjoy some traditional New England fare. Lobsta serves not only lobster rolls but also crab rolls, clam chowder, lobster bisque, and even whoopie pies.

Komodo says its menu was 'inspired by Los Angeles' melting pot of cultural cuisines.' The food is modern California Asian fusion and ranges from spicy Singaporean shrimp to Indonesian pork.

Crepes Bonaparte offers an impressively large menu for a food truck. Offering breakfast, lunch, and savoury crepes, the truck aims to bring the streets of France to southern California.

Carb & Nation has only been around for about a year, but its sophisticated and unique sandwiches -- along with handmade sodas -- have made it a favourite in LA's food truck scene. There's shrimp and pork buns, flatbread, and even waffle cones filled with fried chicken, among other ingredients.

Heirloom LA is food truck food at its finest -- Los Angeles Magazine named it the best gourmet food truck. Heirloom is best known for its lasagna cupcake, a single serving of lasagna that comes in a paper cup that's shaped like a cupcake cup, just bigger.

The chefs behind Border Grill Truck road tripped through Mexico years ago, and returned with enough authentic recipes to open a restaurant. The food truck came later, and offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and the incredible dulche du leche churro tots.

The Seoul Sausage company provides diners with a new way to eat Korean BBQ. There are burgers (beef or pork patties), rice balls, and of course, sausage sandwiches.

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