La Croix has a mysterious ingredient that has made it a huge hit -- here's what it really is

La CroixFacebook/La Croix‘Natural essences’ are a key ingredient in La Croix.

La Croix lovers know that the sparkling water’s “natural essences” make the beverage special. 

But, few people know what these “essences” are or what the phrase “naturally essenced” — which appears on most cans of La Croix — really means. 

The Wall Street Journal dug into the phenomenon of these flavours, which La Croix refuses to demystify.

“Essence is actually a clear, concentrated natural chemical that’s been used for decades in products as varied as gravy, ice pops, coffee, shampoo and even insecticide, according to industry executives and scientists,” the Journal reported. 

Essence is created by heating items such as fruit and vegetable skins, rinds, and remnants at high temperatures, producing vapors. These vapors are condensed and then sold by the barrel. 

La Croix did not confirm or deny the Journal’s interpretation.

“The flavours are derived from the natural essence oils extracted from the named fruit used in each of our LaCroix flavours,” the La Croix website reads. “There are no sugars or artificial ingredients contained in, nor added to, these extracted flavours.” 

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