A French airline is offering unlimited flights between Paris and New York for $40,000

La Compagnie has an interesting story that’s ultra-niche.

The startup airline, based in Paris, operates only two Boeing 757-200s, each with just over 70 seats, and flies strictly between Charles de Gaulle and Newark Liberty airports (a US-UK route was dropped).

The seats are all business class, and round-trip tickets can be had for as little as $US1,500 (versus $US4,000-5,000 a pop for other international carriers).

However, from September 19-22 consumers can pay $US40,000 on one of ten “L’Unlimited” annual passes and hop on one of those 757s whenever they want.

The airline typically charges about $US1,700 for the route, so you have to be shuttling between the New York area and Paris more than once a month to make the deal worth it.

At Newark and Charles de Gaulle, passengers have access to contract lounges and on the plane, entertainment is provided by personal tablets.

La Compagnie has sweetened the offer by building in its concierge service to assist with bookings and making a “don’t think about” argument — there’s just one price, and it’s a nice price.

I flew La Compagnie last year and would without hesitation fly it again (other Business Insider staffers have also sampled the service).

The combination of low cost, lounge access, the airline’s relatively capacious and comfy seats, good in-flight food and drink, and a boarding and deplaning process that consumes about ten minutes won me over. I fly to Paris about once every five years, so the deal doesn’t appeal. But for anybody who does, it’s worth a look.

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