Kyrgyzstan's 'Eternal Flame' War Memorial Was Turned Off Because Of Unpaid Bills

Photo: Flickr/Travlr

Kyrgyzstan’s “Eternal Flame” isn’t really eternal. The light was turned off by Kyrgyzgas on Wednesday over an outstanding bill of $9,400, the AP reports.”Eternal Light in the capital of Kyrgyzstan is switched off due to nonpayment of debt at KGS 440,000,” Deputy Director General of Kyrgyzgas OJSC, Eugene Orlenko, told Kyrgyzs news agency “It is not first time when gas is switched off on the Victory Square. Gas supply will be resumed as soon as money will be transferred,” he added.

The Eternal Flame is a memorial to soldiers who died fighting in World War II. Every year on May 9, the country has a military parade, where the Kyrgyz president and other dignitaries stand before the Eternal Flame while soldiers lay wreaths around it.

Perhaps to avoid a bigger PR disaster, the Flame was restarted a few hours later, with Kyrgyzgas doing a volte-face on its previous claims by stating the move was purely for scheduled maintenance, reports.

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