This Ancient Japanese City Can Only Be Appreciated Through Cat Pictures

Three years ago, wooden toy wholesaler Yutaka Katayama picked up a camera and started taking pictures of ordinary life in Kyōto, Japan. Since then photography has become an obsession.

“It’s my life’s work,” he wrote over email.

Katayama has taken thousands of pictures of the legendary ancient city that once was the imperial capital of Japan. He has also found a favourite theme: the stray cats that are found all over Kyoto.

“I feel the strength to live from a stray cat,” Katayama wrote. “They seem to live a quiet life always looking for food and a place to live while keeping well their distance to the human.”

Katayama prefers to take photos early in the morning when there are fewer tourists around (Kyoto has an incredible 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites). Like many cats, the photographer visits the same places over and over, where he hopes he will experience a new feeling every time.

Check out some of the cats of Kyoto:

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