CRAZY: Check Out The World's First Two-Screen Android Phone

Kyocera EchoClick here for photos →

Photo: Sprint

Here’s something you probably won’t be seeing from Apple anytime soon: The first dual-screen Android phone from Kyocera and Sprint, the “Echo.”At first glance, this seems pretty cool — almost a way to fold up a tablet and put it in your pocket. (Though it does look rather thick from these photos, and we’re worried about how long the hinge will last.)

But it also highlights the Google Android fragmentation problem.

Will the Echo ever get enough users to justify writing cool custom apps for it? Or will Echo buyers only get the built-in stuff that Kyocera and Sprint are building? (Like “VueQue,” which lets you watch a YouTube video in one screen while queueing up more in the other screen.)

And will the custom Android setup mean that Echo users get Android updates way behind everyone else? (Or does that even matter anymore?)

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