Kylie Jenner may have named her new makeup after Taylor Swift songs after Kim Kardashian announced her feud with the singer is over

Jeff Kravitz/Gregg DeGuire/Getty ImagesSome fans think Kylie Jenner is a secret Swiftie.
  • Kylie Jenner recently unveiled several Valentine’s Day lip kits.
  • Two lip items in the “Valentine Collection” also happen to be names of Taylor Swift songs.
  • Kim Kardashian also recently squashed the Swift feud and many are wondering if Jenner is secretly a Swiftie.

Kylie Jenner recently unveiled her Kylie Cosmetics“Valentine Collection,” and although the various cosmetics and lip kits don’t go on sale until February 1 – Kylie teased the collection with her usual Instagram Story arm swatches. While highlighting the new Valentine’s Day lip colours, several fans noticed that two lip kit items had the same names as Taylor Swift songs.^tfw

A lip gloss in Jenner’s Forever Set lip kit is named “Story of Us” and a lip liner is called “Forever and Always,” which are both names of Swift songs. “Forever and Always” is off Swift’s classic 2008 “Fearless” album and “The Story of Us” is off the 2010 “Speak Now” album. Both songs are fan-favourites but also deep cuts.

If Jenner has been harboring a love affair with Swift’s music, now would be the time to open up about it. Kanye West and Swift’s feud goes all the way back to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, but the Kardashians didn’t get involved until the “I made that b—- famous” fiasco of 2016.

Swift objected to being name-checked on West’s song “Famous” and referred to using the word b—-, but Kim Kardashian released video clips of Swift seemingly giving West her blessing to use her name on the song. Swift went on to seemingly bash West during her 2016 Grammy Award speech which caused Kardashian to double down.

However, during a recent “Watch What Happens Live” appearance, Kardashian all but squashed the nearly decade-long feud. “I feel like we’ve all moved on,” Kardashian West told Andy Cohen, and added that she’s “over it.”

Kim kardashianBravoKim Kardashian West said she was ‘over it’ on ‘Watch What Happens Live.’

It’s possible that Kardashian West cleared the air for Jenner to come clean as a Swiftie, but it could also be a total coincidence seeing as Swift’s romantic songs just so happen to make perfect Valentine’s Day copy.


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