Kylie Jenner got her Christmas decorations from Target, because even a self-made billionaire can't resist a Target run

Rich Fury/Getty ImagesIn a recent video, Kylie Jenner showed off her home’s holiday decorations, which she said are mostly from Target.
  • Kylie Jenner shared a YouTube video on Saturday giving fans a tour of her home, which is decorated for Christmas.
  • When it comes to holiday decor, the entrepreneur and reality star seems to swear by Target.
  • “I wanted Stormi to kind of experience what I used to experience growing up, and all the amazing memories that I have,” Jenner said of her traditional Christmas decorations.
  • Jenner, known for her popular Kylie Cosmetics line, was named as Forbes’ youngest self-made billionaire in March.
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Kylie Jenner gave fans an inside look at her home, which is all decked out for the holidays, in a YouTube video posted on Saturday.

The Kylie Cosmetics mogul and reality star revealed in her home tour that many of her Christmas decorations – from a variety of Santa Claus figurines, decorative winter scenes, and a glowing tree – are from Target.

In her video, Jenner captures the moment when she comes home from a volunteer event she attended with her mum, Kris Jenner.Stormi Webster, Kylie’s daughter, greeted her mum at the door.

Jenner’s holiday-themed house tour started with a look at an illuminated Christmas tree covered with sparkly red ornaments, which Jenner said were inspired by ornaments her mum used to display when Kylie was a kid.

Kylie jenner holiday decorationsKylie Jenner/YouTubeA scene from Kylie Jenner’s holiday-decorated home.

“I love this because I wanted Stormi to kind of experience what I used to experience growing up, and all the amazing memories that I have,” Jenner said of her decorated tree. “I wanted the same thing for Stormi, so I got all these ornaments for her because I just think they’re so traditional and cute.”

Jenner panned the camera to show her home’s many Santa Claus figurines, one of which Stormi gave a hug.

“We have big Santas everywhere,” Jenner added.

Kylie jenner holiday decorationsKylie Jenner/YouTubeKylie Jenner appears to have a lot of Santa decorations in her house.

Jenner then gave viewers a look at a banquet table topped with festive items, such as a wooden calendar surrounded by strings of garland.

Kylie jenner decorations christmasKylie Jenner/YouTubeA decorative calendar Kylie Jenner showed in her home tour.

Also on the festive banquet cabinet were “snow”-covered trees and a figurine of Santa Claus carrying a small dog stuffed animal.

“My mum got me this,” Jenner said of the Santa Claus decoration.

Kylie jenner holiday decorationsKylie Jenner/YouTubeA look at Jenner’s holiday decorations.

Jenner then pointed out a miniature holiday town setup, which adorned a table in another room.

“On this console table over here, we have a ceramic little town,” Jenner said. “I’m pretty sure I got this from Target. I got most of my stuff from Target.”

Included in the festive scene is a tiny station wagon topped with a snow-covered tree, which retails for $US7 at Target at the time of writing.

Kylie jenner holiday decorationsKylie Jenner/YouTubeJenner said she set up this festive scene on a console table in her home.

Along with her festive decor, Jenner shared what she called one of her favourite holiday candles: the scent Frasier Fir from fragrance brand Thymes. The scent is described as “crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood, and relaxing sandalwood.” The candle retails for $US30 on Amazon at the time of writing.

“These candles, by the way, are everything,” Jenner said. “They literally make your house smell like Christmas.”

Kylie jenner candleKylie Jenner/YouTubeJenner showed her favourite holiday candle in her video.

After stopping to smell the pine leaves, Jenner gave fans one last look at her many whimsical Santa figurines. This time, she showed a motorised Santa Claus figure climbing up a tiny ladder against a cabinet.

“Over here, Santa is climbing the ladder,” Jenner said. “You’re supposed to put this by your tree actually, but I liked him here. Stormi really likes him too. He sings all day.”

Kylie jenner holiday decorationsKylie Jenner/YouTubeKylie Jenner shared with fans another festive Santa decoration.

Jenner’s holiday-themed home tour comes just a few weeks after Kim Kardashian shared an Instagram Story showing her home’s abstract, monochromatic Christmas tree structures – which gained mix reactions from fans

Fans can find makeup tutorials, a tour of the Kylie Cosmetics office (including Jenner’s now-infamous “Rise and shine” tune, which she sang to Stormi in the video), and other Kardashian-Jenner moments on Kylie Jenner’s YouTube channel.

You can watch the full tour of Jenner’s holiday decorations in the YouTube video below:

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