Kylie Jenner fires back to complaints about her business -- but not everyone's buying it

Kylie Jenner has been building a cosmetics empire. 

Her Lip Kits are wildly popular, and she’s even going to be opening a brick and mortar store. Jenner is entering a booming industry as American consumers are spending more money on cosmetics. 

But, like many young entrepreneurs, she’s plagued with some major issues — namely, consumer complaints. 

Recently, there was a wave of stories circulating around the Internet about how her company was rated an F on the Better Business Bureau.

So Jenner took straight to Instagram (and her website) to clap back to her critics. There is now no rating at all on the website.

Here’s what she wrote:

But the comments next to her Instagram post tell a different story: one of customer dissatisfaction.

“I’m still waiting for customer service to get back to me and it’s been well over 48hrs and still no f***ing response I received someone else’s order,” one person wrote, complete with two angry emoji.

“Yes their customer service is really bad and its obviously the company’s responsibility,” another wrote.

“I ordered my lip kits on 28 April and did not receive them and now the tracking shows that my order has gone back to kylie cosmetics and I mailed their customer service a week ago I asked for a refund and they are not replying to me they have the worst customer service,” another writes.

“I have 10 lipkits and the lip liners are garbage. my 2 metalics [sic] are not even full!” …and yet another.

“It’s not just shipping kylie. The formula hasn’t been consistent since you launched the company,” another complained. “Why do I have 2 candy k lippies that are different shades? You have too much money and too much make up experience for this to happen. I’m sorry if it isn’t your fault but it’s your company and your responsibility.”

And there’s more.

“I hope this mean we’re all going to be refunded for our S*** AS F*** products and shipping rates. Your products deserve the F grade and your customer service couldn’t care less.”

Some rushed to her defence and blamed the company that distributes her products.

Some fans rushed to defend Jenner. 

“Kylie, thank you,” one person wrote. Pay no mind to the haters. I love your product. Just received my lipkit today and I am so incredibly happy. And have no issue with paying the customs charge (I live in Sweden) ;) ! Because it’s worth it. XOXOX”

In the meantime, it appears that Jenner is listening to her customers’ complaints.

“I’m here and I’m listening to you guys and I hear you on the shipping!!” She recently wrote on Facebook. “Working on lowering domestic shipping OR doing some special free shipping days! I will keep you updated x”

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