French star Kylian Mbappe causes tension on the field after an egregious flop

Photo courtesy of Fox SportsTeenage French prodigy dramatically exaggerating contact.
  • French wonder-teen Kylian Mbappé made one of the most ridiculous dives of the World Cup so far in a quarter-finals match against Uruguay.
  • After the dive, the teams proceeded to get chippy with each other on the field, and Mbappé even received a yellow card for simulation.
  • Meanwhile, people on Twitter roasted him for his antics, comparing him to his club teammate Neymar.

Kylian Mbappé, the 19-year-old prodigy for the French National Team and Paris Saint-Germain, has been one of the breakout stars of this World Cup, capped off by a terrific performance against Argentina in which he scored two goals and drew the penalty which led to another.

But in France’s quarterfinals match against Uruguay on Friday, he garnered attention for a different, less respectable reason, with one of the most egregious dives of the tournament.

Players from Uruguay did not care for Mbappé’s dive, and in the video you can see Uruguay captain Diego Godin grab Mbappé’s arm as if he means to forcibly pull Mbappé up off the ground. This led to shouting and some light shoving between the French and Uruguayan players, and Mbappé actually got received a yellow card for simulation.

Twitter, meanwhile, had a field day with his antics, and in comparing Mbappé’s behaviour to that of his club teammate Neymar, whose habit of rolling around on the ground to try and draw a foul has gotten a lot of negative attention in this tournament.

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Just another subplot to look forward to in a potential semi-final match between France and Brazil.

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