Here Are This Week's Winners And Losers In Sports

melissa kellerman

Photo: Courtesy of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Between an NFL team that just can’t stop winning and some lovely ladies who are getting beat up on the sidelines and taking it like pros, this week saw a lot of winners in sports.But of course there are those who continuously disappoint. Like a guy who slammed a football player’s head in the ground and then said he was ‘misunderstood.’


WINNER: Melissa Kellerman

Melissa Kellerman, a fourth year cheerleader for the Cowboys got tackled by Jason Witten on Thursday. She popped right up and laughed it off.

We're 85% sure he did it on purpose.

WINNER: The Packers


That is all.

WINNER: Kyle Orton

You may thing Orton is a loser, he got cut this week.

But Orton getting cut certainly got people talking about him. He got his time in the spotlight and now he's heading to Kansas City.

WINNER: Rob Gronokowski

Gronokowski is dominating for the Patriots.

It may or may not be because he hung out with porn star Bibi Jones.

We love Bibi.

WINNER: Erin Andrews

Our favourite sideline reporter Erin Andrews got completely soaked by a Gatorade shower after the Oklahoma-Baylor game.

And she took it like a pro and laughed it off.

We also love Erin.

LOSER: Ndamukong Suh

Suh smushed a guy's head into the ground and then body-stomped him on Thanksgiving Day with the whole country watching.

Those moves are even bush league in the UFC.


The MLS Cup got a really bad rating.

It drew only half the viewers that a tape-delayed EPL game between Liverpool and Chelsea did on Fox earlier that day.

LOSER: Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret put a very nice Michigan State t-shirt for sale on its website.

Unfortunately, it had the Michigan motto, 'HAIL TO THE VICTORS,' on it. So they had to take it down.

LOSER: Jay Cutler

Cutler broke his thumb on Sunday, putting him out for the rest of the year and severely hurting Chicago's playoff chances.

To add insult to injury, Kristin Cavallari denied the rumours that she and Cutler were re-engaged.


LOSER: Rex Ryan

The Jets boss got fined $75,000 for cursing at a fan under his breath as he walked off the field.

That's a pretty penny.

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