NBA fans are calling on Mark Stevens to sell his ownership stake in the Warriors after he shoved Kyle Lowry during NBA finals game

  • Mark Stevens, a billionaire venture capitalist who is also a minority owner of the Golden State Warriors, shoved Kyle Lowry during Game 3 of the NBA Finals.
  • Before Stevens was identified, Lowry called for the fan to be barred from ever attending an NBA game again.
  • On Twitter, NBA fans and reporters alike called for Stevens to be forced to give up his stake in the Warriors and barred from games.
  • The Warriors and NBA have since released a joint statement announcing that Stevens had been banned from NBA games and team activities for one year and fined $US500,000. Read more here.
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Game 3 of the NBA Finals came to an abrupt momentary stop early in the fourth quarter on Wednesday night after a fan sitting courtside shoved Kyle Lowry, who had leaped into the crowd to chase after a loose ball.

On Thursday, Axios reported the fan who shoved Lowry was Mark Stevens – a billionaire venture capitalist who also owns a minority stake in the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors later confirmed his identity.

Read more:Fan who shoved Kyle Lowry from courtside seats at the NBA Finals is a billionaire investor and part-owner of the Warriors

Before the identity of the fan was known, Lowry had already called for him to be barred from NBA games for life. When it was revealed that it was Stevens, a minority owner of the Warriors and thus a representative of the league, who had be involved in the interaction, calls for more aggressive measures were made.

LeBron James posted on Instagram that “swift action” needed to be taken regarding Stevens’ relationship with the team, adding that there is no place in the league for such behaviour in the league.

Read more:LeBron James calls for ‘swift action’ against Warriors minority owner who shoved Kyle Lowry during NBA Finals

On Twitter, reporters and NBA fans alike voiced their opinion, calling on Stevens to sell his stake in the team.^tfw^tfw^tfw

The NBA and the Warriors both put out statements indicated that Stevens would not be attending any games for the rest of the 2019 NBA Finals and that the matter was still under further review.

According to NBC News media reporter Dylan Byers, people inside the Warriors organisation believe he will be forced to sell his stake before the start of the next NBA season.

Game 4 of the NBA Finals is set for Friday in Golden State, with Toronto currently holding a 2-1 lead and hoping to win their first championship in franchise history.

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