Kyle Bass Is Only Holding 5 Stocks

Kyle Bass

Photo: Image courtesy of Hayman Capital

Most of what we hear from Hayman Capital founder Kyle Bass has to do with macro events and currency markets.But the man is also a smart investor in companies (check out this well-times investment he made in Sealy Mattresses), so we decided to check out the long positions he disclosed in his 13F.

The news is, Bass has positions in only 5 companies (down from about double that last quarter).

Here’s what he’s holding:

  • 1,805,630 shares of API Technologies
  • 759,300 shares of Electronic Arts Inc.
  • 323,250 shares of Hyatt Hotel Corp.
  • 578,111 shares of Six Flags Entertainment Corp.
  • 3,971,366 shares of two kinds of Sealy stock

That’s all, folks.

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