Now Kyle Bass And Stan Druckenmiller Have Gone Long Herbalife's Stock

Texan hedge fund manager Kyle Bass has piled into the Herbalife trade.

During the third quarter ended September 30, Hayman Capital Management held 436,371 shares of Herbalife, according to a 13F filing. The fund also had 1,300,000 in call options and 500,000 in puts, the filing shows.

Hedge fund manager Stan Druckenmiller, who runs family office Duquesne, also got into Herbalife in Q3. He bought a little over 79,000 shares, his fund’s 13F filing shows.

Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company that sells nutrition products. The company’s stock has been at the center of a huge hedge fund war.

Late last year, Bill Ackman, who runs Pershing Square, publicly declared he’s shorting $US1 billion worth of the stock with a price target of $US0. Ackman believes the company is a “pyramid scheme” that targets lower income people, particularly from the Hispanic population.

After Ackman announced his short, a bunch of hedge fund managers, most notably his arch-nemesis Carl Icahn, bet against him. Icahn said on CNBC that he thinks Ackman will be the victim of the “mother of all short squeezes.”

Hedge fund managers George Soros and Richard Perry are both long Herbalife.

Daniel Loeb of Third Point was long during the first quarter. He called Ackman’s pyramid scheme claims “preposterous” in a letter to investors. Loeb exited Herbalife after a few weeks for a nice profit.

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