NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch Will Drive A Wonder Bread Car Inspired By The Movie 'Talladega Nights' This Weekend

With NASCAR returning to Talladega this weekend, Kurt Busch will get in touch with his inner-Ricky Bobby and drive a Wonder Bread sponsored car during the race.

Ricky Bobby was Will Ferrell’s character in the movie “Talladega Nights.”

This is not the first time Busch has been inspired by the movie during a race at a Talladega. Last year, Busch raced in a car with a cougar and the word “me,” a reference to the movie (see below).

The timing also works out well for Wonder Bread who last month began producing bread again after returning from bankruptcy.

Here is Busch in his Wonder Bread fire suit…

Here is Busch’s car last year at Talladega…

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