Kung Fury, the 80s action movie Kickstarter fans have waited 18 months for, is on YouTube

The time travel movie you’ve been waiting for. Picture: LaserUnicorns

Kung Fury has hit YouTube, and it’s exactly the 31:03 minutes of 80s action movie glory it promised when it launched its Kickstarter campaign nearly 18 months ago.

It’s racked up nearly half a million views in six hours.

Back in December 2013, it took just two weeks to secure its $200,000 pledge, and finished well over $600,000 on the back of an amazing trailer.

At that stage, creator David Sandberg had shot the full 30 minutes in front of a green screen. Kickstarter funds would go toward a team of seven visual effects artists on the CGI post-production and artwork.

It all took a bit longer than the expected six months, but it was worth the wait. It features some truly jawdropping creativity, and it’s very, very funny, centred around a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury.

Kung Fury’s cop buddy is assasinated by the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time; Adolf Hitler, aka Kung F├╝hrer, so Kung Fury travels back in time to Nazi Germany “to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all”.

If you’re a fan of “Iron Sky” or “Danger 5“, this is definitely for you. The theme song’s even written and performed by David Hasselhoff. It’s that good.

Here’s some highlights. Warning – it’s extremely violent, graphic and loaded with offensive language.

There’s crazy, over-the-top CGI:

Thor and his pecs:

Picture: LaserUnicorns

A new cop buddy called Triceracop:

Picture: LaserUnicorns

Epic fight scenes:

And one of the villains is an 80s arcade machine gone bad:

Picture: LaserUnicorns

You get the picture. Here it is in full — 18 months and $600,000 in Kickstarter funding later:

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