Krugman: GOP Is Engaging In Political Extortion, Threatening To Kill The Middle Class

paulkrugman explaining tbi

The country’s most influential liberal economist is holding The White House’s feet to the fire on the tax cut issue.

In his latest op-ed, Paul Krugman argues that Mitch McConnell — who’s threatening to filibuster any tax bill that doesn’t keep taxes lower on everyone — is threatening to kill the middle class

Most discussion of the tax fight focuses either on the economics or on the politics — both of which suggest that Democrats should hang tough, for their own sakes as well as that of the country. But there’s an even bigger issue here — namely, the question of what constitutes acceptable behaviour in American political life. Politics ain’t beanbag, but there’s a difference between playing hardball and engaging in outright extortion, which is what Mr. McConnell is now doing. And if he succeeds, it will set a disastrous precedent.

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