Kristen Stewart May Be Dropped From 'Snow White' Sequel—Here's Today's Buzz

  • UniversalThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the sequel of “Snow White and the Hunstman,” after having an affair with the film’s director. But Universal insists that plans for a second movie centering on the Huntsman character played by Chris Hemsworth are proceeding and that Stewart’s Snow White could still possibly be a character in that film.
  • Music producer Roy Thomas Baker, who has worked with everyone from Ozzy Osbourne to Guns N’ Roses, is suing Sony Music Entertainment, alleging the record label owes at least $1 million in compensatory damages for work and unpaid royalties on 21 Journey songs.
  • Sheryl Crow and Harvey Weinstein have both been granted restraining orders against the same man,  Phillip Gordon Sparks, who allegedly posted upsetting Facebook messages about the stars and threatened to shoot them.
  • Good news, movie fans of the world! Netflix will launch in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland by year’s end.
  • Director Steven Spielberg and executive producer George Lucas have set “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” to be released for an exclusive one-week engagement in select IMAX theatres beginning September 7, 2012.
  • Ron Palillo, who played Horshack on “Welcome Back Kotter,” died at age 63 Tuesday of an apparent heart attack at his home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
  • After years of sexual harassment claims from women, “The Price Is Right” will finally hire its first male model. The lucky fella will be audience-selected through a five-part web series and will model for a week in October.
  • Caught: Gwyneth Paltrow with no makeup on … and she still looks really good.

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Watch what Rupert Sanders said about directing Kristen Stewart:

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