Kris Humphries Says All The Booing Fuels Him

Kris Humphries

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New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries is happy that the public’s focus on him is switching to the basketball court, but says he doesn’t mind the negative attention from fans or opposing players.In a Q&A with (via Larry Brown Sports), Humphries discussed what life has been like since his sham marriage with reality star Kim Kardashian ended.

This year I’ve definitely gotten more attention from other teams in terms of “Oh we’ve gotta stop this guy.” People are more focused on other things. It’s tough to try and do the same things as last year because of that.

And as far as those boos go…

If I go out on the road and people are booing and what not, I really don’t mind it. I love a hostile environment on the road, people aren’t gonna cheer for you, especially if you are competing against their favourite team. Either they’ll boo you or they just won’t say anything at all. It’s interesting, I got a pretty good reception in Utah when we played the Jazz. As long as our fans are supporting our team and me, I’m not too worried about it. Negative energy fuels me.

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