Kris Humphries Is Out Of A Job, And Now He Can't Even Get His $2 Million Engagement Ring Back

kris humphries homeless

Photo: Robert Johnson and AP

Kris Humphries’ cut of the cash produced by his made-for-TV marriage to Kim Kardashian is looking smaller and smaller.The Nets rebounder won’t see a dime of Kim’s money due to the terms of a prenup he signed.

To add insult to injury, Humphries forfeited the rights to the $2 million engagement ring he gave to Kim once officially married her, according to California law.

This is just more evidence that he won’t sniff much of the $17 million that his marriage was worth.

He’s made $16.9 million in the NBA, and it looks like that will remain his primary form of income if and when the lockout comes to an end.

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